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AutoGPT: AI that does everything by itself

AI News: Stable Diffusion XL, Amazon CodeWhisper

ChatGPT is a great tool that can do a lot of things: write text, answer questions, write programming code and much more. However, a user is responsible for providing prompts, which is a skill that one needs to develop in order to effectively use the model.

Recently released AutoGPT tool brings AI to the next level. Everything it requires is a goal. This open-source library can automatically create a to-do list based on the given goal and then tackle each task sequentially.

For example, if you ask AutoGPT to write a report, it will break down the task into smaller steps and complete them one after another. One of its remarkable features is its internet access, which allows it to search for information, summarize it, and incorporate it into the generated content.

Additionally, AutoGPT can generate images using the DALLE API, further enhancing its capabilities. You can find more information and access the library at the following link.

While AutoGPT requires some command-line experience to use, AgentGPT is available as a user-friendly web app. Another option to try AutoGPT is Godmode. Note, that these tools will ask you to use your OpenAI API key, which you can get here. Yea, you’ll have to pay for all API calls. Although AgentGPT gives you some free usage.

AutoGPT in real life

Now, let's explore some examples of what AutoGPT can accomplish.

AutoGPT for podcast creation

AutoGPT for market research

News of the week

Amazon offers free access to its AI coding assistant

Amazon's CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered tool that generates and suggests code, is now available for individual developers at no cost.

Stability AI releases Stabile Diffusion XL

Stability AI, the world's leading open-source generative AI company, has announced the launch of Stabile Diffusion XL (SDXL). This is a new version of the publicly available Stable Diffusion model, which is able to generate images from text prompts.

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